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Business Opportunities

The brands we represent are all well known in the Western business world and are trusted by industry professionals and world leading brands. In Thailand as well as the neighboring countries only a few outside of the international business community recognize these brands today. But this situation is gradually changing.

With our brands we can offer:
  • Local sourcing of products that are presently still imported through international head offices and supply channels overseas; and/or
  • High quality alternatives for technical applications that until recently left the end-users with no valid option; and/or
  • Second sourcing solutions, which are compulsory in many leading multinational corporations and are practiced by modern operations that take risk management in the supply chain serious.
These unique advantages create enormous potential for companies and people with the relevant market knowledge, business networks and the vision and determination required to build up new brands.

At this point in time, business opportunities still exist for:
  • Dealers
  • Agents
  • Retailers / Wholesalers
  • Representative for Laos
  • Representative for Cambodia
Please do not hesitate and contact us for further information.

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